Jeremy J. Williams was born in Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas and received his Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc.) in Mathematics with specialty in Applied Mathematics and Statistics at University of the Bahamas (UB), FKA “College of the Bahamas (COB)”.

Later, Jeremy completed a few Master’s Degrees involving the analyses of complex events and most recent research on “GPU Accelerated Computing with Data Mining Algorithms for Advanced Analytics”, which focused on a successfully technical design, optimization using parallel computation, providing a superior application performance by removing processing-intensive application sections to the GPU, scientific visualizations with performance analysis simulations and an evaluation of the acceleration of a typical advanced analytics process using GPU accelerated computing.

Jeremy deliberated all the said recent research projects at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Cerdanyola del Vallès, Spain, where his last one was associated to an official Master’s Degree in Modelling for Science and Engineering (MMSE) with a specialty in Data Science and Engineering.

Today, Jeremy is interested in obtain deeper knowledge, develop skills applied to adequate methodologies for the development of parallel applications, understand the differences of parallel programming approaches: shared memory, message passing, etc., determine the most convenient parallel programming approach to develop a particular application, developing complex parallel applications, evaluating parallel application performance, collecting necessary measurements to tune the application in order to improve its performance, algorithms, computer architecture and networks, parallel and distributed systems, computational science, data science, software engineering and/or software/hardware interfaces.

Jeremy is now seeking to gain adequate research experience and skills that will be useful in unravelling the complexity of unanswered real world computational problems.