Pier Luigi Vidale
Pier Luigi Vidale is Professor of Climate System Science at the University of Reading (UoR), Director of the UoR–ECMWF research collaboration, and leads the National Centre for Atmospheric Science global High Resolution Climate Modelling programme. Pier Luigi has led large research projects in the UK and internationally, including the UK-Japan Climate Collaboration (2004-2007), and was Scientific Coordinator of the EU’s H2020 project “PRIMAVERA.” As investigator in the EU’s H2020 NextGEMS, he is currently responsible for identification and analysis of Tropical Cyclones (TCs) simulated by the new generation of global storm-resolving models (~3 km resolution). In terms of future directions, Pier Luigi is a member of World Climate Research Programme’s Digital Earth’s Lighthouse Activity, defining the nature and purpose of Digital Twins for climate.