Lukasz Miroslaw
Łukasz Mirosław, Ph.D. is a computer scientist, researcher and cloud specialist. His expertise encompasses software design in life sciences and fluid dynamics. Leader of SpeedIT, a GPU-based software for Computational Fluid Dynamics. A grant holder from Max Planck Society, Herbert Quandt Foundation, Saxony Ministry and Polish-Swiss Research Programme. He was working on various research projects at Max Planck Institute of Cell Biology, University of Zurich, University of Applied Science Rapperswil, University of Dresden, Biotechnological Center and Wroclaw University of Technology. Program Committee Member of IEEE Int. Conf. on e-Science and Int J for Num. Methods in Biomedical Eng. Author and co-author of several book chapters and publications in peer-reviewed journals. Currently works for Microsoft and advises enterprise organisations on cloud-based high performance computing.