Laura Grigori
Laura Grigori is a senior research scientist at INRIA in France, where she is leading Alpines group, a joint group between INRIA and J.L. Lions Laboratory, Sorbonne University, in Paris. She was the
chair of PRACE Scientific Steering Committee in 2021-2022, a member of this committee since 2016, a member of SIAM Council since January 2018, the recipient of an ERC Synergy Grant, and a SIAM Fellow. Her field of expertise is in numerical linear, multilinear algebra, and high performance scientific computing. For her work on communication avoiding algorithms she was awarded with her co-authors the SIAM Siag on Supercomputing Best Paper Prize 2016 for the most outstanding paper published in 2012-2015 in a journal in the field of high performance computing. She was the Program Director of the SIAM special interest group on supercomputing, January 2014 - December
2015, then the Chair of this interest group, January 2016 - December 2017.
Computer Science and Applied Mathematics