On April 1, 2022, the Swiss Federal Council has decided to revoke all COVID-19 measures against the pandemic. Now that the measures and restrictions related to events have been lifted, individual responsibility in protecting everyone's health has become of primary importance.
We have designed the event based on the current regulations in Switzerland and in consideration of the participant’s experience. The paragraphs below are intended to give an impression of the experience that awaits participants who decide to join in person. Our sustainability efforts with respect to food and beverage consumption are listed under the point “catering.” Following that is a section that pertains to the participant’s responsibilities when meeting with peers and colleagues in person under the current circumstances.
We hope to gather with many of you in Basel for three days of stimulating technical sessions, networking and for some lighthearted moments with old and new friends in the picturesque city of Basel!

Should the epidemiologic situation change and require the introduction of new regulations, we will promptly inform registered participants.
The epidemiological situation in Switzerland is strictly monitored by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). Data and reports on contaminations, hospitalizations and laboratory-⁠confirmed deaths are available at the following page: https://www.covid19.admin.ch/en/overview .

Participant’s Experience:

  • PASC22 meeting spaces in general

The conference will be held indoors at the Congress Center Basel.

  • Participants will not be required to be vaccinated in order to enter the premises.
  • Because of capacity reasons there will be no physical distancing between seats in the meeting rooms.
  • Wearing a mask is strongly advised.

On Tuesday night, we will host a Public Lecture, which is open to the general public (no registration fee required)

The two optional social evening events (separate registration required) will be held partially outdoors, with the possibility to be seated indoors in case of bad weather.

  • Ventilation

The air ventilation system of the entire venue is regularly assessed and certified by ISS Schweiz. The ventilation of the meeting rooms, restrooms and halls is in line with the Swiss standards (5 full renewals of fresh air in the space per hour).

  • Cleaning protocols and sanitizers at the Congress Center Basel

- The entire venue is cleaned with disinfecting products every morning.
- Handrails, door handles and bathrooms throughout the venue are regularly cleaned and disinfected approximately every two hours.
- Hand-sanitizers are available throughout the whole foyer area.

  • Meeting rooms configuration and presenters’ furniture and equipment

- There will be no physical distancing between seats.
- The configuration of all meeting rooms is theater seating for the audience (no tables).
- Presenters will have a table or a lectern at their disposal. These surfaces are cleaned with disinfecting products before the beginning of a new session. Microphones are cleaned each time the speaker changes.

  • Foyer area configuration and use

- In this area you will find the registration and information desk, the poster exhibition, food and beverage stations and tall tables where you can place food while you consume your meals. You can tour virtually this area by clicking on the following link: mybasel.space/de/tour/congress-center-basel-2 and selecting “CCB - 2. Stock,” you will see the spaces designated as “Foyer,” “Bar,” “Terrasse,” and “Lounge” which correspond to the area that will be serving the above-listed purposes.
- Tables and shelves will be regularly cleaned and disinfected approximately every two hours.

  • Catering

We will rely on Wassermann catering for our food and beverage offering. The company works by the regular Swiss hygienic standards, ensures the maximum care in handling food and beverage, and works towards sustainability. In particular:
- In the kitchen Wasserman ensures intensive cleaning of the working areas and disinfection of all contact surfaces.
- Food is handled exclusively with clean hands.
- All staff preparing food, as well as those serving it, will be wearing facemasks covering their mouths and noses.
- Approximately 75% of the food ingredients are cultivated in a sustainable way and from regional suppliers.
- Water barrels are 100% biologically degradable; to-go cups are 100% recyclable and ecologically produced in Switzerland.
- Lunches are presented in jars with glass lids in an effort to limit plastic consumption.
- Food that is not consumed during the event is offered to local charitable organizations.
- At each food station gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan options will be provided for those who will have indicated their food intolerance at the moment of registration.

Participant’s Responsibilities:

  • Hygiene and behaviour

We ask all participants to follow the federal recommendations regarding hygiene and behaviour in a pandemic situation:
- Cough and sneeze into a tissue or the crook of your arm
- Wash or sanitise your hands thoroughly (Throughout the entire building, you will find hand sanitizer for your use. We warmly recommend regular use of the hand sanitizer or regularly cleaning hands in the washrooms.)

  • In case of illness

Persons with typical COVID-19 symptoms are not allowed to join the event. If you are feeling unwell, we ask you to please write an email to info@remove-this.pasc-conference.org and explain that you are unable to attend due to a suspect case of coronavirus infection. Your registration fee will then be reimbursed. Most common coronavirus symptoms are:
- Symptoms of a respiratory illness (sore throat, cough (usually dry), shortness of breath, chest pain)
- High temperature
- Sudden loss of sense of smell and/or taste
- Headache
- General weakness, feeling unwell
- Aching muscles
- Gastrointestinal symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach ache)
- Head cold
- Skin rash

  • Health check in Basel

If you have one or more of the above listed symptoms and you wish to confirm whether you have COVID-19 while you are already in Basel, you can address yourself to one of the COVID-19 test centers listed on the following page: https://www.basel.com/en/tourist-information/coronavirus

Kindly note the opening hours for each of the listed centers.

  • Reporting COVID-19 cases during/after the conference

All in-person participants who are tested and diagnosed with COVID-19 during the event or within 10 days after the end of the event, are requested to inform the organizing committee by writing an email to info@remove-this.pasc-conference.org. Information about reported cases of COVID-19 will be published on this webpage. Personal information on infected participants will not be disclosed. We encourage PASC22 in-person participants to review this page during and after the event.

Reported cases of COVID-19 during/after the conference:

  • A participant has reported a confirmed case of COVID-19 after returning home. The participant attended the event on Monday and Tuesday and did not participate in the conference dinners.